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When do people take up no strings dating?

When do people take up no strings dating?

Dating comes in a variety of guises. Many people are looking for long-term relationships or even marriage. Others are happy to enjoy a relationship in the short or medium term. Then there is no strings attached dating. This means dating with no special conditions, restrictions, obligations, or arrangements that must be met.

Who dates in this way?

I don’t think there is a real answer to this. I think no strings dating might appeal to anyone depending on where they find themselves in life. Unless they had a deep religious or moral objection to no strings dating, a lot of people might find this an attractive dating option. After a relationship breakdown, I found myself doing no strings dating for a while which was quite out of character. So I guess it is a case of never say never.

Younger people may take up no strings dating. Very few of us start off our dating adventures looking for a serious commitment straightaway. People have played the field in their younger years for generations. It helps them to work out what they find attractive in partners and to refine exactly what they are looking for. I think so long as people are honest about what they are doing there is no problem with that.