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Creating an account on SexInTheUK can be a tad bit difficult

Creating an account on SexInTheUK can be a <a href="">bookofmatches app</a> tad bit difficult

  • Registration process takes 2 minutes
  • Email verification is needed
  • Verification link does not appear immediately in your email
  • There are instances when an account is immediately deactivated within five minutes

Although the registration process will not take any longer than two minutes, creating an account can pose a challenge. This is because of the following reasons:

First, your verification link might not appear on your email inbox (believe us, we searched everywhere for it, including spam, junk, and important emails). Secondly, once you’ve typed in all the details being asked of you (gender, birthday, preference, email, and password), you can sometimes be redirected to their login page. You can try to type in your login details but the site will undoubtedly prompt you that they have no records of your login details ever.

Lastly, the most peevish thing we’ve ever encountered while signing up on this site is this: if for some miracle, you’ve bypassed the first two reasons and you’ve successfully created an account, your profile gets terminated within five to ten minutes.

However, if it not only keeps out scammers and fake users but also its members, then it couldn’t bode well for the adult dating site, could it?

We have investigated what might be the cause for deactivation. We combed through the site’s terms and conditions and found no sufficient grounds that we’ve committed any stated violations. After we verified our email address, our account still got terminated for no concrete reasons.

Sure, this can be attributed for the tight security this site enforces. SexInTheUK, for a multitude of reasons, has a hard registration process that can make signing up frustrating for its potential members.